The Sales Commando Book Launch

Bootcamp Testimonials

10 JAN

Maureen Nabulyato

Associate Wealth Consultant

"First of all I would like to say thank you so much for that very powerful presentation, my life will never be the same again. Secondly, I am so thankful to you Doug, because I have changed the way I think, especially in terms of getting Referrals. I now believe I am referable, before the Boot camp I used to feel like the client is doing me a favor in giving me Refs, but I now definitely feel I deserve them and I ask with confidence. I was able to get 16 referrals from one client last week and I am definitely doing business soon with most of them."

02 DEC

James Wallace

Sales Professional, 15 years

"If ever you want to see enthusiasm then just watch Doug in action! You cannot help but be drawn in by his energy and passion. Every time I've had the pleasure of being in his company he has made me feel happier and more excited about my life. Truly inspirational!"

30 NOV

Dr Peter Collett

Author, Speaker, Presenter, Researcher, Independent Consultant

"It comes as no surprise to learn that Doug’s big hobby is skydiving, because to see him in action at a conference, addressing an audience, is like watching a magnificent bird in flight! He glides through his talk, carving the air with those enormous hands of his, hovering overhead to offer kindly words of advice and circling around with amusing tales and personal observations. He’s a delight to watch and a pleasure to listen to!"


Jason Trails


"Doug is one of the best sales trainers I have ever worked with. The whole team looks forward to Doug's sessions and love his analogies and the humour he brings to the office. He is inspirational and motivational and this comes across in everything he does. Great guy!"

28 OCT

Andrew Oliver

Sales Professional, 19 years

"Doug is a first class presenter, organiser, and leader. His enthusiasm and boundless energy has a positive effect on those around him. He consciously adds value in the material he prepares and the skills he coaches on."

27 OCT

Daniel Simpson.

Sales Professional, 18 years

"Having worked with Doug for some time, he is one of those people who I aspire to reach in terms of integrity and his overall ethical approach to the business. He is an exceptionally talented individual who is extremely approachable and always makes time for people no matter how busy. A lot of where I am today and my approach to my work I put down to him."

12 AUG

Gavin Pluck

Director, Guardian Wealth Management

"I first approached Doug to do a workshop with my team on the back of strong recommendations from others who had benefited from his time. Throughout his workshop I found Doug to be entertaining, engaging and captivating to his audience who clearly recognised that he was hitting the nail on the head and drilling down to their key motivations time and time again. It's clear to me that Doug knows his subject matter and can improve the output in any sales organisation."