12 JAN

Selling is the best profession in the world--it's why we do it.

11 JAN

You've done the groundwork, now all you need to do is turn up and you'll make the sale.

03 SEP

Welcome to the next chapter in your life! I know that sounds melodramatic, however this really could be a whole new chapter for you.

13 MAY

Steer clear of 'burping the baby'. The increase in use of the 'burping the baby' technique in sales situations is leading to an unprecedented high in alienating custom...

20 APR

Nearly a quarter of sales people unashamedly confess to being dishonest in order to close a sale.

06 APR

The Wikipedia definition of a sales pitch is: 'a planned presentation of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale' and, quite frankly, if it was as simp...

18 FEB

Winning tactics might work in politics but have no place in sales.

09 FEB

Despite news to the contrary--and to misquote Mark Twain--reports of the death of commission based sales have been greatly exaggerated.

09 FEB

In my third and final article on handling objections we’re going to dig deeper into the psychology and science of objection handling with three tried-and-trusted advanced...

09 FEB

Up to 70 per cent of sales are being lost because of a disinclination to demonstrate a product or service effectively. I’ve been looking into some of the reasons why sale...

29 JAN

How the ‘driverless car syndrome’ will crash your sales pitch—and what you can do about it.

31 DEC

Hidden trolling the new scourge of business sales. Two thirds of businesses are unwittingly guilty of 'hidden sales trolling' warns a leading international sales organisa...