03 SEP Your Environment dictates your evolution

Your Environment dictates your evolution!

Welcome to the next chapter in your life! I know that sounds melodramatic, however this really could be a whole new chapter for you.
Throughout our lives we've been programmed to move to the rhythm of a certain beat. In some cases this rhythm is fast, in some it's slow, and for others it's erratic and out of control. However, we are all moving at the pace of the pack that surrounds us. 
My findings are rather scary: 73% of people I surveyed admitted to being in the type of work environment that invites two or more of the feelings I pointed out in the email you read to click through to this page. In a frightening amount of cases, although we may try to occasionally up the tempo, we shuffle our way through our working lives at the numbing, controlling tempo of mediocrity.

It's time to decide. 

As human beings we are all born as decision making machines, our bodies are making decisions on our behalf all of the time, however our conscious decisions are often disabled by the all consuming beat of mediocrity after we pass the ripe old age of only 25! Yes, by 25 you are likely to be living out the pattern that will dictate the rest of your life. The trajectory has been set and off you go towards your ultimate destination surrounded by others who downloaded the same playlist.  

The people I've observed doing more are the people who are running with a faster pack, at a higher tempo and beat.

Three steps to success: 

1. First we need to know where we are and where we are you going to end up? Be brutally honest with yourself here, if you're reading this the chances are you're not totally happy and need to change things up!

2. Once you've clearly identified where you want to go, you now need to work out how quickly you want to get there and what type of beat you'll need to move to to accomplish this goal.

3. Shift. Move. Escape! Take action and take it now. The largest single performance shift is moving from no action to action! (First hint: watch the webinar below)

What can I do for you?

I've recently been commissioned to work with a global financial services company, a company like no other in its field. I'm immensely impressed by the nurturing environment of success that is abundant in their offices, they have one of the best ecosystems I've ever observed, and exclusively for you, I've convinced the CEO of this organisation, a self made man coming from very humble beginnings in west London who is reported to have developed though his company more millionaires in the last seven years than anyone else in the industry, to provide you with a free live webinar where he'll reveal his secrets to success and how to lead your life by design. 

We want to talk to you!

We want you to join us so much that we are going to be proactive and call you to extend this personal invitation and to ensure you don't miss this great opportunity. So Look out for our call.

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