29 JAN Driverless Car Syndrome

How the ‘driverless car syndrome’ will crash your sales pitch - and what you can do about it.

I've a passing interest in technology but was fascinated to see a little media hoopla recently about driverless cars, which got me thinking about a sales pitch metaphor that is well worth passing on.

The problem I'm talking about is the fixed, non-flexible sales pitch - a critical sales flaw that could be costing businesses millions in lost revenue. I've labelled it the 'driverless car syndrome' and it goes like this.

Say you want to travel between A and Z so you get in your (imaginary) driverless car and start the journey. But what if you then decide to stop off at point F, visit point M, detour to D and end your journey at Y? You can't because the driverless car is programmed to go from A-Z.

It's the same situation in a sales pitch if a sales person is robotically going from A to Z. What if the prospect wants to alter the conversation journey? As the sales person pushes to Z - the closure - the prospect is left stranded by the wayside at point L or G or wherever and the sale is lost because the closure simply won't work. The sales pitch is therefore ruined and ruined sales pitches cost businesses big time.

That's the 'driverless car syndrome' and from my research and experience it's happening with alarming regularity. If you ever find yourself or a team member falling into this trap (believe me, it's easy to do so, especially if you’re under pressure) there is a fix - simply put in that little extra effort and sell the Sales Commando way. 

Believe me. It will pay massive dividends.

There are two principal keys to a successful sales pitch. One is to research your prospect thoroughly and the other is to listen. Vitally, don't think of your sales presentation as a linear journey. Instead be prepared to deviate at any point should your prospect require further information, clarification or reassurance on any of the points you raise.

Research will prepare you for a deviation. Listening will allow you to identify that deviation. And your skill as a sales person will allow you to loop your prospect back round to the goal you're trying to achieve - a successful agreement and affirmative, deal-sealing hand shake.

This effective sales method is fundamental to Sales Commando teachings worldwide and applies to all sizes of business, whether sole trader or blue chip giant. Put that little extra effort in and try it - it works.

Whether, in the future, driverless cars will be able to deviate from their programmed journeys is another matter altogether.

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