Doug's Story

Like so many good salesmen Doug Tucker didn't take the traditional route into sales. Leaving school at 18-years-old Doug joined the Royal Marines and fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a soldier. An early indication of the persistence and dogged determination that shaped his sales career came when Doug took on the gruelling Royal Marines commando training course, not once, not twice, but three times, before finally receiving the coveted green beret. Along the way, he dislocated his arm when a canoe surfing demonstration went wrong and broke his foot midway through a six mile speed march carry a 60kg pack.

After a successful military career, Doug returned to Civvy Street and became a firefighter. Although this public service offered a pleasing level of adventure and camaraderie, the salary wasn't so hot. To make ends meet Doug turned to various odd jobs, until a chance encounter changed the course of his life. While travelling in South Africa Doug came across a new style of barbecue and persuaded the somewhat cynical manufacturer that he was the man to sell it in the UK. This was the moment that Doug had to put what money he had where his mouth was and learn the sales business the hard way. The early days were tough and Doug was let down by numerous retailers who were happy to take the goods, but less keen to pay up. The obvious answer was to sell direct and the indefatigable Doug was quickly found dressed up as a chef, dragging his barbeques around the pubs and clubs of southern England. Although he set himself gruelling targets Doug enjoyed every moment of the experience and it was at this time that he set upon his life long mantra: Have fun. Make money.

Another chance meeting took Doug’s sales career to a whole new level. Discussing margins with the owner of a home spa company, the penny suddenly dropped: the more expensive the item the bigger the margin, and if you want to make the big time, you have to sell higher priced goods.

This was the turning point for Doug and the beginning of a lucrative sales career. In the ensuing years, regardless of the service or product he was selling, Doug kept to the core sales principles he has learned along the way up.

Doug’s meteoric sales career has attracted much attention with an increasing number of people wanting to know his secret. After 15-years of juggling his sales day job, with training and motivational speaking engagements around the world, Doug has finally bowed to the inevitable and begun training sales professionals full time. Doug’s company, fittingly named ‘SALES COMMANDO’, is dedicated to gaining the breakthrough moments that most sales professionals dream of, but few ever regularly achieve. Doug has never lost sight of his mantra: Have fun. Make money. His training courses are entertaining, energy fuelled and hugely engaging. But best of all, they work.

So are you ready to find your own commando spirit and become one of the elite? If you are join up today.

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