• There are never problems, only situations.
  • ·
  • Think big. GET BIG.  
  • ·
  • When you’re in pain, smile.
  • ·
  • Persistence and consistency are your engine.
  • ·
  • Creation is life, so live.
  • ·
  • Everything you respect sticks around.
  • ·
  • When you re-approach, take a different approach.
  • ·
  • Punch through the target.
  • ·
  • There’s no grand prize, no finish line, there's only the journey.
  • ·
  • Your home is outside your comfort zone.
  • ·
  • Before anyone did it, it wasn't done.
  • ·
  • Everyone knows something you don’t.
  • ·
  • Dream it. Say it. Make it.
  • ·
  • When you hear—you can’t—up the pace.
  • ·
  • Don't be an "I'm gonna" be an "I did".
  • ·
  • When it’s dark, think brightly.
  • ·
  • Outside the laws of physics anything is possible. 
  • ·
  • Every rule, ever, was made by man.
  • ·
  • For goodness sake, laugh!
  • ·
  • Layers are stronger than blocks.
  • ·
  • Yes you can!

"If ever you want to see enthusiasm then just watch Doug in action! Truly inspirational."

James Wallace, Sales Professional


Sales Commando--Unleash Your Potential.


Have fun. Make money. Hit your targets.


Content rich group workshops anywhere in the world.


with Doug Tucker's Sales Commando Training Packages

Doug Tucker's Sales Commando Training Packages provide a unique and 100% effective approach to sales training. The packages include one on one mentoring, weekly online seminars, step by step training videos covering every area required to train you to be the best salesperson you can be and much more.

The online training videos researched and developed by Doug will help you:

  • Get ready for the game with the mindset of a successful sales professional.
  • Prospecting – ideas, techniques, true stories.
  • Build a network of allies.
  • Gain trust with positive body language.
  • Learn how to handle any objection.
  • Learn how and when to close the deal.

The online training videos will also give you:

  • Advice from the battlefield.
  • Tried and tested fact finding processes.

Doug's high impact, high energy training sessions will equip you with the best selling techniques available. So what are you waiting for? Become one of the elite today by signing up for a Sales Commando Training Package today.


To train and drill a sales culture that has a true commando spirit at its heart. Complete each book in the programme by taking specially formulated tests and receive a SALES COMMANDO Certificate of Excellence.

Starting at your current level, establishing goals and, along the way, constantly assessing your new level to ensure no time is wasted deviating from the path.

Commando Training is sharp, brutal and to the point. High impact, high energy training will prepare you for any scenario.

All great achievements accomplished in adversity were done so with a positive attitude. It's easy to be positive and happy when things are going your way. A commando stays positive and happy when things couldn't look worse. As a direct sales professional you'll have ups and downs, online sales training with SALES COMMANDO will train your thoughts to even out the bad times, creating a positive frame of mind that will lead to more sales.

You'll come across objections and hurdles each and every day, SALES COMMANDO will give you the tools to deal with all eventualities.




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